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About Colosseum Night Tour

The Colosseum in Rome is the world's largest standing amphitheatre built under the rule of Flavian emperors. Experiencing the Colosseum at night is a sight to behold as you explore this historical landmark in the calmness of a starry night. Under Rome's mesmerising moonlight, tourists visit this place, where they learn about the stories attached to the Colosseum, narrated by experts and guides here. Under the supervision of guides, tourists can take the Colosseum night tour of Colosseum's underground area and the gladiator's gate, where warriors were prepared to fight the battles.

Witness thrilling areas where animals like tigers, lions and many other animals were kept on the Colosseum night tour. On your visit, you will witness the ruins of cages, wooden elevators, and gladiator rooms. Inside the Colosseum, there is a famous place called "The Gate of Death", a long path filled with thrills. Because it is a popular landmark in Rome, it generally remains crowded during morning hours.

Highlights of the Colosseum Night Tour

Arena Colosseum
Colosseum Arena

Colosseum Arena is a special spot located in the heart of the Colosseum amphitheatre which you can see on the Colosseum night tour. It is here where the gladiators used to fight against one another until one lost their breath in front of millions of Roman spectators and members of the Royal family. Offering a mesmerising 360-degree view, the Colosseum is believed to be the world's largest amphitheatre. On your visit to Colosseum Arena, you will witness the regiments of the dark past on the walls and ceilings.

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Roman Forum at Night
Roman Forum

Once a crowded market in Rome, the Roman Forum belonged to the 7th century and was home to Julius Caesar and Romulus's state treasury and tombs. During your Colosseum night tour, you’ll explore the place that features basilicas, temples, and public spaces, most of which were destroyed during the wars and first post the Roman empire. Presently, the Roman Forum in the Colosseum houses several points of interest, such as the temples of Vesta and Saturn, Faustina, the House of the Vestal Virgins and Temple Antoninus.

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Palatine Hill at Night
Palatine Hill

One of the seven hills in Rome, Palatine Hill is known to be the residence of the first-ever Roman settlers. Located at the head of the Roman Forum and Colosseum, this hill is a historic site as it once was the home of emperors like Tiberius and Augustus. If you want to delve into the beauty of Rome, a visit to the Palatine hill is a must as it offers a mesmerising view, especially at night. You can spot different Roman cultural signs like the Roman Forum, Circus Maximus Stadium, Capitol Hill and Colosseum.

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Underground Colosseum at night

Famously known as Hypogeum, Underground is an integral part of the Colosseum, which housed all gladiators before they started the fight against one another. Hypogeum is spread over more than two levels which feature several rooms, tunnels, mechanical devices and 32 animal pens. You can visit this area of the Colosseum at night, which was also the home to criminals waiting for their punishments to be announced.

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colosseum Belvedere at Night

The Colosseum's third, fourth and fifth floors are called the Belvedere. Spread over four different floors, Belvedere promises a bird's eye view of the Colosseum at night. Earlier, this place was used by spectators to witness the matches of gladiators, however, today, this spot has been transformed into a famous tourist attraction. Roam around the floors with your professional guide and learn some intriguing stories about the place.

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Why Choose Colosseum Night Tour?

colosseum at Night

A historical site in Rome, Italy, the Colosseum looks incredible at all times of the day. However, the starry light and the magnificent moonlight together make this iconic landmark even more magical. As the sun sets, the world's largest amphitheatre lits up from within, which creates a panoramic view for all tourists. You can admire this beauty not only from the outside, but can also step inside the Colosseum at night and unfold the pages of Roman history?

The Colosseum at night remains crowd-free so that you can enjoy this place in peace. Also, on your visit to the Colosseum at night, you can explore areas which remain closed during the daylight. Some of them are the Belvedere, the underground Colosseum, Roman Forum and Colosseum Arena. With a knowledgeable guide leading your way, the trip to the Colosseum at night becomes more convenient. Also, you get to admire the architectural beauty of the Colosseum in dim light, promising a lifetime experience.

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Plan Your Visit to the Colosseum Rome

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Opening Hours : everyday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Location : Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

**Best Time to Visit ** The Colosseum at night is the best time to visit this iconic landmark when the crowd of tourists are sparse. It also allows you to explore some areas which you cannot visit during the day.

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Why is the Colosseum night tour famous?

One can explore places like Belvedere, the underground Colosseum, Roman Forum and Colosseum Arena, which remains closed during the daytime. Visiting Colosseum Rome at night gives you the chance to admire the iconic monument which looks even more majestic when the moonlight is blended with the golden light that is lit from inside.

Can you visit the Colosseum at night?

Yes, you can travel to the Colosseum at night and experience the mesmerising night view of the iconic monument.

When is the best time to visit the Colosseum at night?

The best time to visit the Colosseum at night is between 7:00 to 9:00 PM when the crowd of tourists is less.

Is the night tour of the Colosseum worth it?

Yes, the Colosseum is an iconic landmark that looks beautiful in daylight; however, it seems even more magical at night. On your visit to the Colosseum at night, you can explore several places here which remain closed during the day.

What does my Colosseum night tour include?

  • Skip-the-line access along with exclusive entry to the unexplored underground dungeons.
  • Colosseum admission
  • Exclusive Colosseum Underground access
  • Exclusive Arena Floor access
  • An expert guide who offers complete information about the building.
  • Headsets to hear your guide clearly.

What are the Highlights of the Colosseum Night Tour?

  • Get easy access to special areas with your tickets of Colosseum night tour that generally remain closed during the day.
  • Explore areas such as Belvedere, the underground Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Colosseum Arena.
  • Skip-the-line to the Colosseum underground with the Colosseum night tour tickets, visit the arena floor and experience peace under the starry night at its best.
  • Learn about the history and intriguing stories about this huge amphitheatre.
  • Admire and feel the grandeur of the ancient Roman monument
  • Get a glimpse of stunning lights and shadows through your Colosseum night tour tickets.

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